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Stolen Paper by Elayne Student, NY

Elayne from New York, NY, used several online custom essay writing services to earn her diploma at a Community College. Below is original correspondence between herself and one of the term paper writing websites.


Stolen Paper

>> ----- Original Message ----- From: Elayne, To: XXXXx Sent: Monday, May 16, 2005 10:54 AM Subject: Re: Fw: Take Home Essay

>>Hi. I received my paper, and I'm basically content with it except I'm aliitle worried. The teacher said to discuss specific examples from the texts. My paper seems to be a bit vague, when dealing with actual specific points. Could you give me some feedback on this.

Thanks, Elayne


>>>Date: Mon May 16 10:03:29 CDT 2005


>>>Subject: Fw: - Take Home Essay -- Completed


>>>Hi Elayne! Attached please find your custom written take home essay. Regards,


>>> Time and Date: 18:11 2005-05-15
>>> Topic: Take Home Essay
>>> Page Count: 1-2 single spaced
>>> References: 0
>>> Citation Style: MLA
>>> Writing Level: college
>>> Due Date: Due tomorrow may 16 2:00
>>> Name: Elayne
>>> City : Ellenville
>>> State/Province : NY
>>> Zip/Postal Code : 12428
>>> Country : USA
>>> E-mail:
>>> Topic: Make a connection between The Awakening and another text(book, painting,cd,song,story,movie etc) Write an essay in which you creatively find a focused topic that unites/discusses The Awakening and another work. You do not have to do any research, but I do expect you to discuss specific examples from the texts. You will be graded on your ability to find an original way of discussing these texts in conjunction with each other. Avoud broad sweeping arguments