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CustomDissertation.com - the Top of Your Shortlist

More and more students are using online writing services to help out with time-consuming dissertations and graduate thesis papers. There are a lot of pitfalls though, most of them centered around writers who don't deliver the quality they promise.

CustomDissertation.com stands out from the crowd for two reasons. Firstly the range of services they offer is very comprehensive and covers every stage of the dissertation process. Secondly they're more selective about recruiting writers than any other service we've ever seen. They're clearly confident about delivering high quality work – you can opt to have a custom sample produced on your chosen topic before committing to the full project. This is one service we'd be confident in working with. If you want guaranteed quality at a reasonable price put Custom Dissertation at the top of your shortlist.

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A degree – especially a graduate degree – involves a lot of work if you want to guarantee a good pass. Building up the depth of knowledge required needs a lot of research and that takes time. Ask any graduate student and they'll tell you that running out of time is one of their biggest fears, and the most common cause of time pressure is dissertations. Unfortunately a good dissertation is pretty much essential, so the time has to be set aside – or does it?

There are now many online writing services geared towards helping students with dissertations. In fact there are so many that choosing between them seems like it takes as much time as just writing the dissertation yourself would. Quality is variable, too; a lot of them show you a professional-looking website with promises of high academic standards, but actually farm your work out to low-paid freelance writers in developing countries. By the time you get your dissertation back from the writer and realize it's not up to scratch it's usually too late to do anything about it, and that can spell disaster for your degree. If you're looking at working with a writing service to finish your dissertation it's vital that you find one you can rely on. Custom Dissertation takes an interesting new approach to delivering just that.

CustomDissertation.com pitches its service squarely at graduate students, which is the sector where paper writing causes the most stress. If you're working on a Masters or PhD you have a lot of other things to be getting on with, so any time you can spare will be a big help. Writing papers is the obvious candidate because if you don't write for a living turning your work into a finished dissertation is a slow process. Custom Dissertation will take whatever research you've already done and produce the paper for you.

So far this sounds pretty much like every other professional writing service on the web, but in fact CustomDissertation.com has a couple of features that set it apart from the crowd. The first is a really extensive list of aspects they can help you with. The second is their highly professional approach to assigning writers.

There's a lot more to a good dissertation than just sitting down and writing a few thousand words. You'll need to choose the right topic to make your paper stand out, and many students find this difficult. Custom Dissertation can suggest topics based on your course content or future plans, and supply you a concept paper to look at. If you approve the topic they'll go on to produce the full paper. If you already have a topic they can take that and write the paper for you or, if you need to get your topic approved by an academic panel first, they'll write a professional proposal for you. Written your own proposal and had it rejected? They can revise it based on the feedback you got to maximize your chances of having it accepted on resubmission. Not many writing services can give this level of help with every stage of the process, so Custom Dissertation looks to be offering a truly impressive package here.

CustomDissertation.com can also help with researching your paper, including designing a study for you. If you've done your own research but need help writing it up, or getting it into the format your school requires, they'll do that too. One thing we really liked is that they're happy to take your data and carry out statistical analysis on it for you using SPSS and other programs. Analysis can be a real challenge and a lot of people have missed out on credit for some great research because they found the analysis software difficult to get to grips with. Now there's a simple solution to that hurdle.

The other area where Custom Dissertation impressed us is with their approach to choosing writers. Many writing services are happy to use cheap freelancers or overseas essay farms. That keeps their costs down but it's not good news for students.

CustomDissertation.com takes a very different approach, and we wish everyone else would follow their example. To join their writing team the minimum requirement is a Masters degree, which brings experience in having completed at least one dissertation successfully. What's truly impressive is that this is what's required to join the team as a research assistant! To actually become one of the senior writers who produce finished dissertations needs further experience and mentoring within the team. We've looked at a lot of writing services and can't think of a single one that insists on this level of expertise. Custom Dissertation's writers are also happy to demonstrate their standards; for a small fee they'll write about 500 words on your topic, which gives you the confidence you need to entrust them with your paper.

A few other features are worth noting as well. Although Custom Dissertation are a US team they can also write in British English, and are happy to produce work using very specific sources only if that's a requirement. They're flexible when it comes to sharing files, which is very useful if you want to send them a lot of data. They have a strict privacy policy too; they'll only answer questions that come from the email address you signed up with, so nobody can ask unwelcome questions about your project.

Overall this is an extremely professional-looking service that sets high standards and is willing to demonstrate them. If you need some help with a dissertation but need the assurance of a quality product it would be hard to beat CustomDissertation.com.