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EssayForum.com is a free site established by professional academic writers to provide writing and editing assistance to students. This online community allows students to post essays or ask for assistance from moderators who are highly educated professional writers, current and former students, and professors from U.S. and Canadian universities. Students are also welcome to comment on each others' work and contribute ideas. Questions are normally answered within 24 hours and students can subscribe to be notified by email when a reply is posted as well as easily track new and old messages.

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The site allows students to post their work and receive feedback on term papers, research papers, book reports, theses, and dissertations. Students can also get advice on undergraduate and graduate admission essays, poetry and speeches, as well as general writing advice, grammar and punctuation pointers. This makes EssayForum.com a valuable research tool for students with looming deadlines who need professional advice, or those who are having trouble starting a writing project and need some creative ideas to get things going.

Membership is free and there is no limit to the number of essays a student can post. Although the moderators are located in the U.S. and Canada, students of any nationality are welcome to post on the site. EssayForum.com is very popular among foreign students for whom English is a second language. Moderators will provide editing assistance that can help students improve their grades as well as their language skills. The moderators are knowledgeable about academic sources and have access to databases with a wealth of information. This allows them to provide guidance and answers in almost any subject area.

The site is simple to navigate and advertisement-free. It is divided into sections and subsections, making it easy for students to find what they are looking for. Categories include:

Entrance Essays - Graduate and Undergraduate. Applying to a university can be a nerve-racking experience. Students can get a leg up on the competition by submitting their admission essays for appraisal by an educated professional.

General Undergraduate Coursework - Essays and Term Papers; Research Papers. Most students can't make it through a semester without having to write numerous essays and research papers for their various classes. Here, students can submit papers before turning them in (or after having gotten a disappointing grade, to learn why) to get valuable feedback on both content and form. Not sure when to cite, or how citation forms should be referenced? EF moderators can shed light on this daunting task.

Specific Kinds of Written Documents - Book Reports and Reviews; Poetry; Speeches. Often, the hardest part is just getting started. EF can help here, too, by providing topic suggestions not only for the usual essays and research papers, but also the assignments that can drain the creative juices. Need to give a three-minute how-to speech, but have no idea what topic to choose? Ask EssayForum.com and get a slew of creative ideas.

Graduate Level Work - General Graduate Coursework; MBA Coursework; Theses and Dissertations. From how to narrow a topic down to a manageable size for a thesis, to dealing with a difficult dissertation or thesis advisor, graduate students can receive guidance that will smooth their way.

Free Essays and Articles - This section contains free example essays and educational articles written by the Essay Forum academic writers and editors.

Students no longer need to feel lost at sea when it comes to academic writing questions. With EssayForum.com at their fingertips, students can turn in their assignments with confidence, knowing they have been reviewed by professionals. In a world wide web full of sites that charge a lot and deliver very little, EssayForum.com is an oasis of free, friendly assistance.