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Writing Essays

Tips For Well-Written and Original Essays

Writing essays, like anything else, is a process. Those that are successful in their writing usually follow the same steps regardless of the subject they choose to write about. The following information is provided for you to transform your writing into more of a process. While you don't have to adhere to each and every bit of advice provided, since every writer is different, understanding the main ideas will only make your writing stronger.

Getting Started


Choosing a Topic: Before you ever begin writing, you must choose a topic and learn a little about it. If you are able to choose your own topic, choose something you are interested in. This will make writing about it seem less like a chore. If you are writing an essay for school, it is likely you were assigned a topic you spent time studying in class. If it is something you have no prior knowledge of, it is a good idea to read up on the subject beforehand. This allows you to get a feel for the subject and an idea of what direction you want to take when writing. To begin writing without any knowledge of your subject would be like trying to find something in the dark ... way too difficult.

Outlining: After you've learned enough about your topic, it is a good idea to draw a preliminary outline of the main ideas you are going to address within the essay. These can be categorized numerically or alphanumerically, whatever works best for you. Just make sure there is a logical progression of the ideas in the outline and often refer to it to keep focus on the subject.

Essay Components

The Thesis Statement / Introduction Paragraph: This is the most important part of any well-written essay. Usually limited to one or two sentences, the thesis statement is the main idea, or topic, of your essay. An essay without a strong and clearly defined thesis statement is like a ship without a captain. The essay will drift aimlessly without a clear direction. The thesis statement is the leader of your essay, because every other word written afterward is there to support it. Before you ever begin research and writing of your custom essay, you must come up with a solid thesis statement. It is usually placed early in the text, in the first paragraph. This first paragraph is called the introduction paragraph, because it introduces the topic of your essay.

Supporting Paragraphs: As said before, everything written after the thesis statement is there to support it. The ideas you choose to support your thesis statement need to be separated into paragraphs. Each paragraph will develop one, and only one, supporting idea or point. These ideas need to be supported within the paragraph, not just stated. Back up your ideas with additional information about them. Also, be sure to make smooth transitions between each of your supporting paragraphs, don't just jump from one idea to the other.

Conclusion / Summary Paragraph: This is the last paragraph in your essay. Here you will summarize the main points and ideas and let the reader know the essay has come to an end. Do not repeat your thesis statement word for word, however. Restate your thesis in a new manner, with different words. If needed, provide an opinion or suggestion about the subject of your writing.

Finishing Up

Once you've completed your writing, it is very important you go back over it to search for any mistakes. Never turn in an essay without thoroughly proofreading it first. If possible, let someone else read it and check it over as well. It is often difficult to notice the errors within your own writing. Don't rely on computer grammar and spellchecker programs to do this for you, as they often miss glaring mistakes. Search for misspellings and grammar mistakes, and make sure your essay follows the proper format. Check the section on custom essays writing mistakes. If you are unsure how to proceed or you are experiencing a writers' block, contact your teacher for guidance and professional support.

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