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Example Academic Essays and Research Papers

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) - Medication Treatment of Children

Litarature Essay: Jim and Laura and Symbols in the Glass Menagerie

Molecular Testing and Clinical Study

Pantisocracy and Radical British Society in the 1790s

Sex Education and Culture of Violence Against Women

Divorce Aspects and Decisions - Research Paper

Internet Security and Web Technology

The US Immigration and Homeland Security Research Paper

Resolving Unemployment Crisis and Bad Economy in the US through Public Administration Policies

State Farm - HRM and Business Strategy Paper

Education Development Program for NJNSA Application

Research into the Childhood Code Violation

CCTV and Shoplifting - Research Methods Paper

Traditional Hindu Family Research Paper

Digital Security, IP Protocols, Cloud Storage

Patients and Medical Technology Research

Research on the Family Festival Paper in the Fall

Example Writing

Example Nursing Paper on Managing Multiple Patients

Domestic Assault and Theory of Arrests - Research Article Review

Research Study on Philosophical and Humane Implications of Consciousness and fMRI

How to Research and Investigate an Issue (Unemployment Rate)

Research Study and Statistics on Student Bullying

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) - Research on Impact of Costs

Research Paper on Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser Syndrome – Developmental Aspects and Psychological Effects

Simplex Method and Equine Nutrient Research in the US

Cleveland Clinic Foundation - Sample Paper

Kill Bill and Ultra Violence Essay

Foster Care and Adoption Federal Services: The Best Practices

Effect on Coach Education Program on Motivation of Student Athlets

Peak Oil - Global Production and Energy Consumption

Example Case Study SIM335 - Business and Management

Nazis, Jews, Germans, Poles, Ukrainians - Example Paper on Holocaust

Research on Women and the Start of Feminist Movement during the French Revolution

Most Students Hate Doing Homework - The Reasons and Solutions

Environmental, Energy, Air Quality, and Ecological Effects of Hurricane Katrina

Sustainable Life and Green Energy at College and University Campuses

Lab Report on the Effect of the Red Color on Attractiveness

Research on the Efficiency of Renewable Energy Sources Available Today

Research Outline: Emergency Response Plan

Is Getting a College Degree Worth It?

Cancer - sample research paper

Research on Sensory Modality in Hearing

Research on My Life as a Substance Abuse Counselor [pdf]

Introductory CAD courses and Student Grades

'A Rhetoric of Motives' / 'Rhetoric in Civic Life' - Reading Responses

Chronic Pain Analysis and Research Answers

Freelance Editor - Sample Application Letter

World Energy and Nuclear Power Plants - Research

Deviant Behavior of Sociopaths and Mental People - Research

Consumer Spending and the Use of Marketing in Corporate America

Medical Marijuana - Pros, Cons, and Letter

Motivational Interviewing (Research Paper)

The Career of a Writer - Job Description and Prospects

Essay Writer - Sample Employment Letter

Research on Public Schools and Voucher Decision

Matching Paulo Freire's Ideas and U.S. Public School Curricula?

Charter School, Academic Accountability, and Measurement of Student Academic Performance

Student Cheating and Academic Dishonesty - Causes and Solutions

Female Gender Issues: The Sex Test (research essay)

Research - Males in the Nursing Profession

Research - Greece Tourism and Prospects

Research on Children Learning in Bilingual Kindergartens in Germany

Research - About Racism Towards Chinese People

How Model Writing Services Can Help Students?

What Students Should Expect from an Ideal Essay Writing Company?

Working from Home as a Freelance Essay Writer (Pros / Cons)

How to Prevent Students from Plagiarising Their Essays?

Negotiation in the News: The U.S. Debt Crisis

Reflective Essay Communication

Song of Solomon, Toni Morrison

Ecommerce Model, Strategies, Success

The Ancient World (a custom-written book review)

How Mass Media Influences Pop Culture in America?

Essay About Myself and My Academic Achievements

Affordable Housing and Public-Private Partnerships: Effective or Damaging to Low-Income Housing Management?

Education Task Groups

Activity Based Costing and Budget Research

JIT (just-in-time) Inventory Management - Executive Summary Example

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