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EssayNews.com represents an exciting new way for all people who are involved in the academic writing industry to come together, share news and resources, and find each other. Never before in one place have writers, academic writing companies, and clients of same all gathered in common cause.

What makes EssayNews.com so special is not just the fact that all aspects of academic writing have converged in one spot. It is also the manner in which this convergence takes place. First, the site is organized in an incredibly user-friendly fashion. The site is uncluttered and free from the kinds of jazzy, eye-bending distractions that mar so many websites of academic writing companies. The fonts and fonts sizes are pleasing to the eye and not once will the user find the need to purchase special glasses to read the fine print. The colors too are soothing and facilitate a good focus upon the content of the site, as opposed to endless graphics that might be interesting, but are unnecessary to the purpose at hand.

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This is good news especially for freelance writers who face stiff competition in a crowded marketplace. Clients can easily find good matches for their research projects without having to wade through densely-worded filler, which means freelance writers get more business. Companies can post job openings for writers. It is also good news for the clients themselves, who often find themselves highly frustrated when the process of finding a good writer becomes almost as difficult as the project they are hoping to outsource.

Second, EssayNews.com is special because it contains not just advertisements from writers and academic writing companies, but also news about the industry itself. Before, those people who are involved in this business have had to search far and wide for unbiased coverage of their concerns. Unfortunately, such searches often come to nothing, as so much prejudice about the academic writing industry exists in the general business world. However, EssayNews.com is dedicated to finding and posting the most current, most up-to-date items of interest to all participants in this industry, which makes it an incredibly useful service if only for that reason.

EssayNews.com also does not pile the user with ridiculous requirements for participation. It is very easy to join the site, and completely free, with no hidden charges lurking anywhere. Again, this is especially helpful for freelance writers who usually have to pay fees, and sometimes large ones, just to advertise their services. It is also useful to clients, who also tend to have to pay large fees to the "middle-person" just to find service providers for their particular projects. EssayNews cuts the middle-person and offers a way for folks to find each other without endless hoops or hidden fees.

By posting news items and other messages on EssayNews.com, both freelance writers and academic writing companies can also increase the traffic to their own websites. Every time someone clicks on their postings on EssayNews.com, the poster moves up in the Bing and Google rankings; and we all know that it is placement on Google or Bing that can make or break any internet-based business. As EssayNews.com becomes more firmly established, it will also enhance the reputation of any writer or academic writing business to be listed there, thus also improving traffic to individual websites.

Finally, EssayNews.com offers a way for clients and writers to find each other in a venue free of scams and fraud. The owners of the site are unbiased, neutral parties who are offering this service for reasons having nothing whatsoever to do with drumming up their own business. Because of that, all parties (clients, freelance writers, industry news reporters, and academic writing companies) can engage in the offerings of the site without worrying about hidden agendas or scams to come down the road. One can think of EssayNews.com as the Switzerland of the academic writing industry.

For all of these reasons, EssayNews.com should be considered a site to watch for anyone who cares about the academic writing industry, for any reason. It should also be a must-join for the same group of people as well.