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How to Find a Good Advisor for Your Custom Dissertation?

How do I choose the best advisor for my custom dissertation? Will any instructor in my field of knowledge work? A wise person use to say, "It never hurts to ask. They can only give two answers: yes or no." That is true for instructors. They are either willing to do it or they are not. However, it is important to find an advisor who knows the topic and knows the dissertation process. Most students have an idea of who they want as advisor, while many students have not even thought about it. The best dissertation advisor is one who knows the topic you have chosen and is willing to spend time helping you when you need it.

Dissertation Advisor

The first step in choosing an advisor is to get to know him/her. Read articles they have written. Visit their classrooms. Spend time talking with the instructor. Are you comfortable with the instructor? Sometimes taking time to get to know the instructor is worth the effort and may become the right advisor for you. Abraham Lincoln once stated, "I don't like the man. I must get to know him better." Make the effort to get to know the instructor. Even if you do not choose them as advisors they may be a great source of help later.

Talk to other graduate students. Visit with other graduate students if possible. Ask what their relationships are like with their advisors. Were they quick in helping the graduate when needed? Did they take time to answer any of their questions? Did they have frequent interactions with their advisor? Was the instructor willing to listen to problems and direct them? Choose an advisor who is willing to spend time with you and help you in the process of writing the dissertation. An instructor who is already stressed and have too many obligations will not make a great advisor.

A good advisor is more than someone who technically advises you through the process. A good advisor is one that spends time talking to you and answering questions. A good advisor becomes a friend who wishes you to achieve. In many ways, a good advisor is like a mentor who teaches you the steps in writing the dissertation. Often these may be difficult to find, but a mentor is like a friend who will be with you when the going gets rough.

A mentor directs you in the process of writing a dissertation. They suggest the best places to find resources and current buzz (key) words on the topic. Many of them are willing to loan materials. However, make sure they get back anything you borrow. Good advisors help you find financial help, equipment needed, and psychological support. A good advisor helps you to set short-term and long-term goals of the dissertation custom writing process.

Many advisors do not have the time to spend helping you find materials or the time to direct you, but they know the process and are willing to advise you. Sometimes this type of advisor is acceptable, because they know the topic and because they care. They just do not have much time. Another factor in this is that many students do not want to have constant guidance. Many students want to do their work on their own. The relationship between the student and advisor is always different because they are different from others.

Some students find that they want more help than others. Choosing more than one mentor, but only one advisor is acceptable. Different instructors often are willing to talk about the dissertation and direct students even though they may not have the time to be an advisor. Some adjunct teachers know the process of dissertation because they went through it, but they may not be advisors. These teachers are often great in helping the student find sources or other types of help.

Finding the right advisor takes time, but it is worth the effort.