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How to Meet Deadlines for the Dissertation?

"Arise, awake, stop not till the goal is reached," said Swami Vivekananda. One problem many graduate students have while writing their dissertations is procrastination. Students have a tendency to think, "I can always do that tomorrow." The problem is tomorrow brings different problems that tend to put off the dissertation for another day. Eventually, the dissertation is rapidly put together. The best way to prevent this from happening is to set deadlines and keep them. Students usually have two problems when it comes to deadlines, they either procrastinate or they underestimate the amount of time needed in writing a dissertation.

Dissertation Deadline

One of the reasons that students fail to meet deadlines is due to the fact that they have never written a dissertation and have no knowledge of how long each step of the process will take. That's why procrastination is such a big problem. Often the dissertation process is so stressful that students believe it is better to put off part of the process until another day. However, it is wise to use stress to motivate getting the dissertation finished.

One of the best ways to learn about the dissertation process is through other students. Ask questions. Find out how much time different parts of the dissertation takes. Never be afraid to seek help from any source. Most students and professors are more than willing to talk about how they did their dissertations.

Another problem that graduate students have while writing dissertations is other responsibilities such as full-time jobs and children. The best way to prevent procrastination and to finish the dissertation is to set small goals. Begin by making a plan each day to work on the dissertation even if it is only a half hour a day. However, some students like to plan by scheduling a certain part of the dissertation to work on. The most important thing is to have a schedule that will finish your custom-written dissertation on time.

Make goals for each part of the dissertation. Write it down so you can check off each part as you finish it. While emergencies happen and may take time from the dissertation, always try to make this time up within a certain period of time. Break the dissertation into several small tasks. Put a date to finish each of these.

An important factor in keeping goals is to learn how to say, "No." A graduate student cannot do every thing they are asked to do. A person cannot agree to do every thing asked by their church to do or to do favors for a friend who may be having a difficult time. A graduate often must learn to put him/herself first. Accept the most important duties or favors and say no to others.

Often choosing the right place to work makes a difference in how much is finished. Some students find they can do more productive work at a library. For instance, one student found that she could get three hours of research finished in one when she was at the library. The interruptions at home made research a longer process while at the library she did not have any interruptions.

As you complete goals, reward yourself. Take a few minutes to eat a bowl of ice cream or give yourself time for a bubble bath. Choose a reward that will motivate yourself to finish your goals.

Take time to laugh. Laughter is the best medicine for stress. Buy a joke book and tell yourself some jokes. Call a friend and share a joke with them.

Always allow time for revision. Revision is a necessary step in writing the dissertation.

Make a list of the steps in a dissertation. Know the steps and when possible work on the simple steps. Save the large steps for when you have more time to do it. Remember to spend at least a few minutes a day doing the dissertation.