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Writer's Block with Dissertations

Often the scariest part of writing a custom dissertation is writing the first word. The first step in writing any essay, book report, research paper, or dissertation is through deciding on the topic. The best way to prevent writer's block is to have strategies prepared to overcome writer's block.

Writers Block

First, decide what the steps are needed in preparing the dissertation. Make goals to meet each of these. Set aside time each day to work on the dissertation and try to keep these. Make short-term and long-term goals and the dates for these. Take the dissertation one step at a time. Often looking at the 'whole' frightens a person.

Start a support system that will assist you when you need it. Become friends with others students who are writing their dissertations. Be willing to help them if they are willing to help you.

Create an outline of the topic of your dissertation. Begin one step at a time. Often it is best to leave the introduction and conclusion alone. Start with each main point. Other students find it best to create a thesis statement outlining the premises of the dissertation. Remember to take one step at a time. Often writing one section at a time makes it easier.

Do not be upset when you have to revise the dissertation. Revision is a part of every writing assignment. No one writes a perfect paper, book, or article the first time. Use the draft of the dissertation to put the parts of the dissertation together. Get a grasp of what is needed.

Remember that writing is not the only task to creating a custom dissertation. There are many important steps that begin before the actual writing of the dissertation begins. Try to prevent becoming upset about any part of the dissertation. Anxiety can cause writer's block. Take time to relax when you feel you are stressed. Stand up and walk around the room. Take several deep breathes. Tell yourself to relax. Tell a joke. Let yourself begin to relax and let the stress go.

Remember to keep the goals of the dissertation in perspective. Do not become so involved in the dissertation that you let other duties and responsibilities go. Take time to watch a movie or to have a 'coke' with a friend.

Remember to keep a schedule. List your goals for the dissertation. Set aside at least thirty minutes to work on the dissertation each day. Small goals are better than no goals at all. On the schedule write down some fun things to do that will relax you.

Here are some quick cures for writer's block:

- Take your dog for a walk around the block or take a few minutes to show your love to your pet. Pet therapy shows that pets can relax a person and help them in overcoming stress.

- Have a certain place to work on your dissertation that is the most productive for you. Some people work better at a library than they do at home. Some people want a quiet room while others want television or music on while working.

- Some students find that writing in several different places aid them in completing different parts of the dissertation. Decide what is best for you as an individual.

- Most writers will say to set aside a time to write and if they cannot work on the topic to write about anything. This gets the writer warmed up to write about the topic.

- Create a thesis statement and an outline. Use this as a map in writing the dissertation.

Make a plan for your dissertation. Create both long-term and short-term goals. Find the right place for you to work on the dissertation. Write even when you cannot write about the topic. Take a few minutes to relax. Go to a movie. Find ways to let stress go so you will be more productive when working on the dissertation. Remember to do one step at a time.