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The Current Teaching System - Does It Help Students Write Their Essays in an Effective Way?

Many individuals argue that the current teaching system in the United States of America is effective and others adhere to the believe that it is a system principally built on scientific inquiry - the empirical and the observable are strong beliefs that should be taught in the academic system. This may be correct, but the issue at hand is that academic papers are written by many students who often may not be that interested in the subject matter they are taught. Because of this, many of those individuals as students come to academic service companies dodging the writing process and in turn get papers written for them by skilled writers instead.

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Moreover, the problem is augmented as many professors who have taken positions in the academic realm have not arrived at "higher institutions" for the joy of teaching, but instead for the financial rewards and the long holidays they receive at certain periods of the year gives comfort to their lives. Second, many courses offered in university- students may not be that interested in. Indubitably, students must, first of all, take a vested interest in the subjects they are writing and learning. Often students are forced into taking college courses they have no interest in or are forced by strict parents to take majors that don't really interest their children.

Also, many professors of graduate schools will often arrest students' intellectual potential- those students who come up with new or unique theories or challenge the old way of thinking will often try to tackle new ideas with bravado and gusto. Unfortunately, many professors will require of their students to follow suite to the teachers' way of thinking. Because of this- students will not want to write about what the professor has told them to do and will either do second rate work in the classroom or at home. Because of this disinterest, they will come to academic research companies to have other professionals write the work for them. By and large, it is unfortunate as the student does not learn, which decreases the effectiveness of the teaching system in the United States of America.

When students are interested in writing and show their capacity they want to learn more - teachers will observe that their students want to learn and write more about concepts and ideas within their field that they are interested in. One often wonders how many great minds have been curbed by dictatorial college professors who have not given the student the leeway to write new and wonderful ideas.

In conclusion, the only way to combat this devastating problem is to give students the chance to write academic papers on the content and themes they want to write about. By giving students leeway to write what they think is best within the parameters of the subject will be an effective means to give students the chance to not only improve their writing, but give college professors the idea that academic papers should not be written by rule and regulation, but more in a free form manner that gives the student a chance to develop his own ideas, in his own space and time, and not be arrested in his own cognitive evolution.

Unilateral thinking professors and administrative "sticklers" hell bent on the rules of organizational policies are destroying the academic effectiveness of students' writing potentiality. Make no mistake, academic writing and research companies are big business and in this "techno age" of computer technology- those businesses are, indeed, a saving grace to students, who are, unfortunately, under and within the iron hammer of dictatorial academic systems. They have not become institutions for free thinking and intellectual evolution, rather the university systems in our now corporate America act similar to Communistic rule, which tries to exercise conformity in the consciousness of individual students. Stamping out new ideals and beliefs is the unfortunate state of affairs by this new breed of professor who has become the new "academic capitalist" Lining his own pockets with money becomes his principle practice and the students' education becomes secondary and his writing suffers. Lastly, it is ironic that a country built on the ideals of freedom and individuality has become this way - the academic system is already crumbling and will continue to do so unless sporadic transformations within the societal structure are made so that the teaching system will improve for student and also for the teacher.