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Essay Writer Employment Letter

I am a quintessential academic with a track-record that you will find hard to beat. I have a first class honours BA in Arts based on Sociology, Political Science and Legal Science. I achieved the Buttersworth Award 2007 for achieving the highest grades in my Legal Science class that year of over 200 students. I was then asked to complete a one year top up in order to get a fast tracked LLB in Law, for which I achieved a 2:1. Both these qualifications were obtained from the National University of Ireland Galway. More recently I have achieved a first class honours MA in Social Work from the University of Hull. I earned another academic award in this course, receiving the John Whitfield Prize for writing the highest graded dissertation that year on the topic of adult safeguarding and restorative justice. I achieved a distinction in every module and every essay that I took as part of that MA course.

Writer Employment Letter

Beyond these qualifications, I have plenty more qualities, achievements and qualifications that would make me an ideal candidate to write freelance academic essays. I am a member of MENSA, and have been for several years. This shows that I am an intelligent and adaptable person. I have taught English as a foreign language in Honduras and in Ireland, and therefore have a significant grasp of the intricacies of the English language. My academic abilities have been recognized by numerous university professors that I have had, and I have continued to do some research at the University of Hull on a voluntary basis since completing my course and moving on to employment as a way to keep my foot in the academic door. I have proof-read and provided essay tuition to a large range of students over the past couple of years also, as a way of increasing my income, meaning that I have experience in working with students and understand the anxieties and issues that can arise when they are trying to complete a piece of academic work.

I am very adept at computers and can touch type 70wpm (currently working on improving this). As I have said I have continued to be interested in academics and read up on academia relevant to my specialities frequently. I would be most comfortable and able to write essays on topics such as social work, mental health, sociology, political science, criminology, jurisprudence, counselling etc. but would consider any topic that I believe I could manage. That said I would never take on work that I did not think I could complete on time and to a high standard, and although I am a very qualified and capable individual, I know my limits. I am very adept at using the internet for research purposes, and through previous and current academic pursuits continue to have access to academic resources in my locality too. My interests beyond this are very broad, ranging from fitness training and hiking, to guitar playing and films, and I know how to keep a balance.

I have always achieved at the highest standards and take great pride in my work, and am fully confident that working as a freelance academic writer I would continue to do so. I am an intelligent and well-educated academic who has always found academic pursuits, in particular essay writing, to be a fun and easy task. In this way I definitely differ from most of the others that I studied with. I am proficient at referencing, time-keeping and am confident in the work that I do. I would welcome the opportunity to work for your organization and look forward to hearing from you.