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The Pros and Cons of Working from Home as an Independent Freelance Essay Writer

Working in the confines of one's home is not only comfortable but also motivating. Once a person is comfortable while doing any assignment, this relaxes one's brains leading to higher productivity. The person feeling this sense of comfort possesses control over his/her faculties. There exists an immense difference in work output done in strenuous conditions to that done in a calm and comfortable state. Although, working from home increases one's productivity due to the obvious reasons, there exist some limitations.

The Cons of working from home as an Independent Freelance Writer

Working from home becomes extremely lonely especially to people who need social interactions in the entire day. Therefore, this could not be an ideal place for this people. The person working from home spends most of his/her time alone, as opposed to people working in a company. In cooperation, people bond and share their experiences with one another, which make it livelier than working from home.

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Presence of distractions characterizes working from home, which results from the presence of many people in a home, such as parents, wife, children and friends. Therefore, people working at homes should adjust to inconveniences caused by constant interruptions. Most people fail to conceptualize the fact that freelance writers work on their computers without supervision; thus, they keep knocking on one's door even on petty issues. The remedy is reached through constructing an ad-hoc room within the house, which serves as an office. The creation of an ad-hoc within the house reduces the rate of external interruption affecting the freelance writer but does not eliminate the problem.

Independent freelance writers working from home must maintain a high degree of discipline. This virtue comes in handy in assisting the freelance writer in staying focused on their computers when there are other tempting factors, which could easily lure one into doing them. Lack of focus leads reduced productivity.

Freelance writers have a tendency of suffering from station fatigue, caused by remaining in the same place every time. This becomes unhealthy in the writer's body and mind. The writer lacks time to relax since the house becomes his/her office. Most people might not comprehend the seriousness of freelance writing work, and thus it becomes extremely difficult when explaining one's occupation to people who only uses the internet to check mails. It is also difficult for a freelance writer to use their jobs as securities when trying to obtain loans.

The Pros of working from home as an Independent Freelance Essay Writer

However, the usage of internet by the independent freelance writer has various gains. These gains include the flexibility of working at home. For instance, one can easily manage his/her time to suit one's program of activity. The employees working in cooperation have to adjust their program of activity, to fit the requirements of the cooperation. Once working in cooperation, one has to follow the recommended dress code, but an independent freelance writer has no restrictions in their mode of dressing.

As opposed to cooperation where a boss follows one around, an independent freelance writer does not require a boss; one becomes his/her own boss. This incredibly reduces stress levels. Working from home is also health since one can spare some time for training, as well as, eating a diet of your choice.

Once working from home, the freelance writers have more time to spend with their families. This increases one's productivity, since the family always works as ones anchor and a key priority in everyone's life. An employee working in cooperation has a limited time to spend with their families from the existing cooperation's busy schedule. Finally, an independent freelance writer can work from anywhere. This means that, one does not need to stay at a fixed place, as opposed to the employees in cooperation who have to work from the same company.

In conclusion, an independent freelance writer working in the confines of his/her home has much freedom as compared to an employee from cooperation. Spending quality time with their families helps in increasing one's productivity.